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International Badminton Bayjonn Senior Cup 2015
Sopot, 24th-25th of January 2015

Bayjonn Cup Tournament

Tri-City has a rich tradition of badminton. In the seventies and eighties Tricity athletes won medals Polish championship and their clubs belong to the forefront of the discipline in terms of number of players and presented skills.


To meet the expectations of the dynamically growing number of people playing badminton, a group of people associated with the movement of amateur and senior in this sport, decided to independently organize large sporting events.

Between 26 to 27 January 2013 was held in Sopot First National Seniors Badminton Tournament Bayjonn Cup. Patronage of the event took the Presidents of Sopot and Gdynia. Tournament players were not only sports lovers rocket (badminton, tennis and squash), but also European champions badminton seniors, were the Olympians, world champions drużynowi racketlonie. In order to emphasize the status of the event, it was decided to hire the popular sports facility - Hall 100th anniversary of Sopotu.Zawody were accredited by Polish Badminton Association in the course of their local authorities will be present structures of the Union.


The situation badminton in Tricity

Tri-City has a rich tradition of badminton. Tricity players in the seventies and eighties Polish championship won medals, while the clubs were among the leading discipline in terms of number of players and presented skills.
In the period of political transformation, due to changes relating to organizational forms of sports activities and its funding, he ended the period in which the sport has had a formalized structure. Over the next 20 years, cultivated amateur badminton only a dozen people associated with the Tri-City universities.


Around 2005, a group of people decided to change the status quo. Started intensive dissemination activities. Organized a series of amateur tournaments in Gdansk Orunia in the years 2005 - 2007, attracted new people to amateur sports. The next step was the successful attempt to revive byłychzawodników club. The talks with the leadership of other schools and sports centers, resulted in the availability of and adaptation to practice badminton many new sports halls. In several centers they started organized training of children and youth, culminating in the annual competitions involving young riders lead the Region. Another workplaces overlook the proposals against workers seeking to cultivate recreational badminton, buying within the framework of social funds hour sports halls. Many institutions began organizing amateur competitions, youth and workers of the industry.

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