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International Badminton Bayjonn Senior Cup 2015
Sopot, 24th-25th of January 2015

Aktualności, 2014

Single Men's Elite
Poniedziałek, 1th grudnia 2014

III Senior Badminton Badminton Tournament Bayjonn Cup will be combined with the best single players  of the Men's Elite.
Europe's best 16 players ranked on the list who will be invited specially for the occasion.

Major awards include trophies, medals and prize money in the amount of 2000 zł, 1000 zł, 500 .

Submissions should be sent to the e-mail address: andrzejgrzechnik@bayjonnhotel.pl to 15.01.2015r.

After verification of declarations which 16 qualified players will receive an official invitation by email on 17.01.2015r.

Elite tournament will be played darts Li-Ning Aviation Plus A + 300.

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Li-Ning as the Honorary Partner of Badminton Bayjonn Cup 2015
Środa, 15th października 2014

One of the biggest brands identified with the sport, and above all, badminton, Li-Ning company has been the Honorary Partner of the Third International Badminton Tournament Bayjonn Senior Badminton Cup.

Especially for a chance of the tournament, which will take place on 24-25 / 01/2015 Sopot company Li-Ning bring mats for the players of the tournament, will provide equipment and suitable conditions for all players.

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Warsaw-Sopot meeting
Niedziela, 6th kwietnia 2014

Last weekend (4-6.04.2014) our guests were our players from Akadamia Badmintona from Warsaw.

We introduce you the photo story from the event.

trojmiasto.pl - after the tournament
Niedziela, 26th stycznia 2014

No tennis, no baseball, not just hockey but badminton has been hailed as the fastest sport in the world. The popular dart made of 16 feathers can soar at speeds above 400km / h! Last weekend Sopot Hall 100th anniversary turned into an arena of struggle badminton enthusiasts. For two days, on six courts were played nearly 240 meetings in 25 categories.


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Niedziela, 26th stycznia 2014
See how  our participants played , see how our auction proceeded!
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